Drake TR-4C / AC-4 / MS-4

Although in ham radio over 40 years, I have never had, or even used, a piece of Drake equipment until just recently. I had the good fortune to obtain up a very nice TR-4C station from my friend Stan, VE3FKD/VE3GN. He has a very nice collection of gear from many different manufacturers and every once in a while decides to let one of his excellent pieces go.

Now that I have the Drake TR-4C, I am sorry I never got one earlier in my "career" as a ham. It is a very nice operating radio, in many ways comparable to my Collins gear, and, dare I say it, may even surpass the Collins in a few respects!

What I have here is a TR-4C, an 80 thru 10 meter transceiver. Included with the package is the AC-4 power supply and an MS-4 Speaker cabinet. The AC-4 is mounted inside the MS-4. In respects to my comments comparing it to Collins, the things I like about the TR-4C over my KWM-2A are the TR-4Cs full 600kc frequency coverage of a single band, with excellent 1kc resolution across the entire band, and the fact that it includes AM operation as well as selectable SSB and CW. This rig is very nice looking and working very fine and I appreciate Stan's giving me the opportunity to purchase such a nice radio to add to my BA collection of vacuum tube era equipment.

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