Amateur Radio Station


Paul R. "Ray" Vasek
Apalachin, NY

Involved with ham radio since the late 1950's
Former ham call signs WV2QNX, WA2QNX, WI2P

Navy Marine Corps MARS (NAVMARCORMARS) personal callsign NNN0JUK (NNY Staff callsigns NNN0GBJ ONE, NNN0GBJ FOUR)
Civil Air Patrol (CAP/USAF Aux) callsign White Peak 6017
CAP Search And Rescue (SAR) Mission Pilot (IFR rating)

I am also the trustee for WA2TTX, the club call of the USS Cabot CVL-28 Memorial Station.

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W2EC operating positions

This is the main operating room, or "radio shack" as it is often called, of Amateur Radio Station W2EC. It consists of two specific operating positions.

The area on the left is my primary operating position and is dedicated to Boatanchor radio equipment. Each of these units is a seperate transmitter or receiver. Hams who are "into" tube type equipment often refer to that gear as "Boatanchors", an affectionate term denoting the large, heavy equipment prevalent from radios inception until the mid to late 1970's when transistorized equipment became the norm and both receiver and transmitter could be packaged into one lightweight box.

The equipment on the right is my secondary operating position. The big difference is that the secondary operating position uses equipment known as transceivers, where both the receiver and transmitter portion of the radio are in one box. At this position, the most often used equipment for amateur radio is a Collins KWM-2A transceiver, coupled with a Collins 312B-5 Remote VFO and, when needed, a Collins 30S-1 HF Amplifier. This Collins radio equipment was manufactured in the 1960's and uses tubes rather than the solid-state devices (transistors and integrated circuits) more commonly found today. The transciever is also considered "boatanchor" equipment, but because of its use of tubes, not due to its weight or size. My Collins gear, whether the boatanchor gear on the left (75A-4 Receiver/KWS-1 Transmitter/312A-1 Speaker) or the KWM-2A Transceiver/312B-5 Remote VFO/30S-1 HF Amplifier on the right are the two most often used stations in the shack.

To get a rundown of the equipment in the current station, or to see previous versions and views of specific equipment, select from the following:

  • My "Ultimate BA Station" - 2001 version, JUN 2001
  • My "Ultimate BA Station" - 2001 version, JAN 2001
  • My "Ultimate BA Station" - 2000 version, NOV 2000
  • My "Ultimate BA Station" - 1999 version, OCT 1999
  • My "Ultimate BA Station" - OCT 1998
  • Classic Exchange Station, Spring 1998
  • Boatanchor Operating Position - Summer 1997
  • Modern Operating Position
  • Test/Workbench Position
  • Collins Military Transmitter Navy ATC (Army ART-13)
  • Collins Military Receiver R-391
  • Video of R-391 and ATC(ART-13) in action
  • Heathkit AT-1 Transmitter
  • BC-348Q w/Modifications
  • Bristol vs Bristo wrenches!!
  • Drake TR-4C Transceiver
  • Military GRC-109 Radio System
  • National Radio HRO Sr. (Tabletop style)
  • Hallicrafters HT-32B Transmitter
  • Collins KWM-2A Transceiver (made in Japan?)
  • Collins 75A-4 Ham Band SSB/AM/CW Receiver
  • Collins Military Receiver R-388/51J-3
  • Collins Military Receiver R-390A
  • Collins Military Receiver R-391
  • Navy RBA Receiver
  • Navy RBB Receiver
  • Navy RBC Receiver
  • Hallicrafter SX-110 Receiver
  • Hallicrafter SX-28 Receiver
  • Hallicrafter SX-28 & SX-28A Receivers with PM-23 Speakers
  • Navy URC-35 Radio System
  • EJ Johnson Viking Valiant II
  • EF Johnson Invader 2000
  • National NC-303
  • BC-611-F WW-II "Walkie-Talkie"
  • National NC-100ASD receiver
  • Hammarlund HQ-170A receiver
  • HRO Sr. rack mount receiver
  • Hallicrafter SX-62A receiver
  • Hallicrafter SX-71 receiver
  • Hallicrafter S-53A receiver
  • Kenwood TS-530S Transceiver

  • Excess gear (for sale or swap) available at W2EC

    If you've looked at my main web page you'll have noticed I have a significant interest in British Sports Cars, specifically those from AC Cars. Due to the UK connection, I have provided a link to a UK radio dealer for some unusual radio equipment for those who may be interested. They are

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