Boatanchors Modern operating position

Although primarily interested in tube-type "Boatanchor" operation, it is hard to ignore the more modern equipment. This is my "sandstate" position which consists of a TS-940S tranceiver with matching speaker and SM-220 station monitor. The monitor is set up thru a switching network to allow me to monitor the signal quality of any transmitter in the radio shack. Below the radio is a computer for use with the two AEA PK-232 interfaces (blue boxes in the center) that allow me to also use packet radio, RTTY and AMTOR. In all honesty, this equipment is seldom used on the ham bands and is primarily used for NAVMARCORMARS (Navy Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System) and CAP (Civil Air Patrol) operation. The SB-1000 shown previously is used with this station position as is the Heath Antenna Autotuner. This also serves as my 160meter SSB station since none of my BA transmitters do 160meter SSB. Also seen are better views of the 6meter and 2 meter SSB/CW transceivers (solid state stuff) and on the upper shelf a better view of the homebrew 2 meter amplifier (4CX250B) and power supply.

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