Invader 2000 EF Johnson Invader 2000
This transmitter runs 1kw on CW, 800 watts AM and 2kw pep SSB and constitutes my high power BA station. There is actually a second portion to the transmitter, the power supply unit, which is the same size as the transmitter but remotely connected and weighing 130lbs by itself! The Invader 2000 RF deck weighs around 65 pounds. It can be operated as an exciter using the two 6146's running around 90 watts, or the hipower portion can be switched in consisting of two 4-400A's. The Invader came in two flavors, the Invader 200 and the Invader 2000. The Invader 200 was just the exciter portion with the two 6146's. The power supply for the Invader 200 was built into the same RF cabinet so it was just the single unit. The Invader 2000 moved the exciter power supply into the seperate external high voltage supply and the RF deck (two 4-400A's) were installed in the space vacated by the low power supply. Invader 2000's could be purchased new complete or Invader 200's could be upgraded to 2000's by performing the modifications mentioned. I have found this to be an excellent transmitter with very few problems. Some have mentioned a frequency drift problem but I've found mine to be quite stable although requiring at least one hour warmup before it settles down.

I'd like to thank Mike, VE3FGU for giving me the chance to obtain this transmitter from him. It is certainly a keeper for my final "ultimate" high power BA station. In keeping with its slide rule type frequency readout, I have paired it with a National NC-303.

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