AT1 National HRO Sr. Receiver
This is one great receiver for being nearly 60 years old and is my prime receiver when operating my BA desk station. It uses coilsets to change bands. In the lower center you can see a darker section that is the coilset, with a handle on each side, and two charts/graphs. The handles allow you to pull the coil right out of the radio and a different coil to be plugged in to cahnge frequency bands. The graphs help you equate the numbers of the big vernier dial in the center to the actual frequency being used. I have all the coils sets for the radio and it is fully operatioanl from 50kc thru 30mc. It has a seperate power supply often called a "doghouse" supply because it is shaped kinda like a doghouse with a sloping roof. I have a second HRO Sr currently undergoing refurbishing that is a little older, about 1935-1936. The second one is a rack mount version with a rack mounted powersupply, while the HRO pictured is self-contained in its own cabinet.

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