European tubes German Tubes 001, 054, 093

Here are three tubes I came across in my tube bin.

Two tubes are marked Telefunken, one is marked Valvo. All tubes have the same base style, eight very heavy (about 12 or 10 gauge wire?) exposed pins, bent over flush with the base. Several kind people sent me info on these tubes and I have checked the filaments out and they ring good on an ohmeter. Otherwise I have no idea of the condition. They are quite clean.

One Telefunken tube is clear glass with some silver coating (getter flash?). It is marked with the numbers 054 (military tube type number?) on the base, on the top of the glass envelope is the Telefunken logo along with the alpha/number AZ1 (tube type?). Also are the letters D.R.P. underneath the AZ1. On the bottom of the base in the center (where the center pin is located on an octal tube) is a lower case hd and underneath that an uppercase I.

The second Telefunken is glass that is painted textured silver. It has an alpha/number of AF7 and also 001.

The third tube as a Vlavo tube. It is also glass that has been painted with a textured gold finish. It is marked with the numbers 093 on the envelope and has the Valvo logo along with the alpha/number AF3. On the bottom of the base is stamped an uppercase BV and the number 5.

Since I have no use for these tubes I am offering them in case anyone can use them. One indication was they were in the 30 to 60 DM range in europe which is around $16 to $33 each. I'll offer these for $40 for all three plus shipping if anyone is interested in some unusual tubes.

European tubes View of the bases

European tubes Closer view of bases

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