Classic Exchange Station, Feb, 1998

The Classic Exchange is a "fun contest" run twice a year. The object is to get some of the "old gear" on the air. You don't need a BA station to participate, but since you get a multiplier based on the age of your equipment, the older it is, the more points you gather. The age of a piece of gear is based on the year of its first use. You add up all the years (ages) of the equipment you used to make contacts (you must have a minimum of 3 contacts on each piece of gear to be included) and use that as a multiplier against the number of contacts you had and the number of receivers, transmitters and states/provinces/countries you had contacts with. In my case, the total of the ages of all the gear I used is 556 years (364 years for receivers, 192 for transmitters), times the number of contacts (55) times the sum of the number of receivers used (8) plus transmitters used (5) plus the number of states worked (12). My total was 764,500 points, a small number when some have worked points into the millions. But the idea is to get this equipment on the air and make some contacts.

Other equipment I used follows. Not included in these pictures but used for valid contacts is a Heath AT-1:
  • GRC-109 Military Radio System
  • KWM-2 SSB Station

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