Hallicrafter SX-71

Interesting general coverage receiver, has GC band readout on the left and ham band coverage bandspread on the right, covers BC thru 35mc and 46 to 56mc for 6 meters. Complete and functioning, all original knobs, but case has been repainted, except for the front panel itself, which is original.

This model has the more common black frequncy faceplate with white lettering for the frequency information. The hambands covered are 80, 40, 20, 11/10 and 6 meters.

Hallicrafters is well known for comming out with many different model designations (for example SX-62, SX-62A, SX-62B, SX62U) each with very subtle differences. A surprising note on the SX-71 is that there are two versions of the SX-71 that carry the same designator, no SX-71 vs SX-71A. Yet the differences are far more obvious than the subtle differences of other Hallicrafters radios. In the SX-71s case, my black faced version is the more common. But towards the end of the SX-71s life, a second version was brought out, having a white face with black lettering. An even bigger change was that with the advent of the new 15 meter amateur band, this bandspread was added to the right hand bandspread coverage, so it now provided 80, 40, 20, 15 and 11/10 meter coverage along with the 6 meter coverage.

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