Excess Radio Equipment

Ham radio is a hobby to me, not a business.

After over forty years of hamming, I find that I have quite a bit more equipment than I can possibly use. In fact, at this point I have pretty much decided on the equipment that comprises my concept of an "ultimate BA station" that I expect will carry me thru my retirement years. I cannot justify keeping the remainder of my collection just so it can gather dust in a storeroom. I will be offering pretty much all my remaining collection of BA gear as time goes on. I'm not selling it all at once, I will only offer items when I am satisfied that they are reasonably neat, clean and functioning well, and that I can provide a concise and honest assessment of their condition.

On this page I have listed those items currently available from my collection. Not all items are Boat Anchor equipment (heavy and/or tube oriented). You'll find various items of all types, including modern gear, parts and test equipment.

Some of the items are easy to establish a price on, as they are seen being bought and sold all the time. Other items are not often seen so it is a little more difficult to establish a price. I have established prices that I consider fair and reasonable based on what I've seen comparable items sell for. However, I am always open to reasonable offers if you have a differing opinion on the value. Feel free to contact me if you would like to make an offer on something you see here.

If you see something you're interested in or have questions, send me an e-mail: W2EC, Ray

[new] 19 AUG 2002 - Removed sold items.

Listed prices do not include packing/shipping from NY (13732) unless otherwise noted.

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