Workbench Workbench position

With all this equipment, an occasional error is to be anticipated. Plus, I'm always looking for new gear to workon and restore. Therefore here is my work area, consisting of both digital and analog meters, signal generators for both RF and audio frequencies, signal tracing equipment, power supplies, oscilloscopes, GDO/TDO meters and numerous other essential test equipment. Yeah, the TV is there because every once in a while I watch a movie while working. Usually it WW-II classic stuff or anything with John Wayne! Displayed on the bench is a military URC-35A system consisting of a RT-618B trasceiver (bottom unit) and an AM-3007 RF amplifier (finned unit on top), that I have just about finished bring back to life. This unit is now operational and I've made several contacts with it using AM and SSB on 75 meters, 40 meters and 10 meters. To the left are parts of a GRC-109 radio system (black boxes).

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