Boatanchors Boatanchor operating position

While the main operating position is my Collins equipment, my interest in Boatanchors dictates having a secondary operation position. Located here on the bottom row from left to right are a Hallicrafters SX-110 receiver from around 1960, a National HRO Sr. receiver from around 1939 and a Collins military R-390A receiver from the 1950's. Sitting on the desk between the HRO and the R-390A is a Vibroplex semi-automatic key (bug). Under the shelf in the dark is a J-47 straight key (a J-37 key mounted on a J-47 base).

On the middle shelf, from the left, is a Heathkit AT-1 CW transmitter. In the middle is a Hallicrafters HT-32B transmitter (AM/SSB/CW) and to the right is an EF Johnson Viking Valiant II AM/CW transmitter.

On the next higher shelf are three WW-II Navy receivers. To the left is an RBA which covers 14.6kc thru 600kc. In the middle is an RBB covering 500kc thru 4.0mc and to the right is an RBC covering 4.0mc thru 27.0mc. These receivers each use a separate power supply (not pictured) that are boatanchors all by themselves. One point that should be made about these Navy receivers is that they (and several more I have out in the garage awaiting refurbishment) are destined ultimately for the USS Cabot CVL-28 museum if and when the ship restoration comes about. I am currently the trustee for the USS Cabot CVL-28 Memorial Club Station (WA2TTX) and use these receivers when making contacts as part of the club station. Once the ship is open to the public and the museum is active, all the Navy radio gear I've been fixing up will be transfered to the ship so we can have an active club station aboard her.

All the above equipment is operational and contacts are routinely made with every piece of gear except for the RBA, since there are no ham frequencies available within its frequency range. The RBA is operational however and I can receive many aircraft Non-Directional Radio Beacons which still use those frequencies.

Here's a more current view, since the recent addition of a Collins R-388. The SX-110 has been temporarily moved but will return after a little shack "re-organization".

Boatanchors Boatanchor Operating Position, after 5 August 1997

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