AT1 Collins KWM-2A Transceiver
This Collins radio is not part of the S-Line gear pictured in my shack, but is rather a radio I use upstairs in my "computer room" so I can ham it up while working. On top of the radio itself is a Collins 312B5 remote VFO/Station Console which is somewhat in demand since not that many were made. The KWM-2A itself is a little unusual because it has a unique serial number tag indicating that it was manufactured by Collins Radio Ltd of Japan and the serial number has a J suffix identifier in the 50,000 range. There are various stories about Collins having some KWM-2As manufactured in Japan in the 1970's but so far it's mostly been all hearsay. Whether this particular radio is actually one of the "mysterious" KWM-2A's or not is open to conjecture, but the serial number label is very clear in what it's saying. Meanwhile, the radio is working great and it's nice to have a "second" rig upstairs for those times when the wife complains I spend to much time in the cellar radio shack.

Serial Number Collins KWM-2A Serial Number Plate

I've had several requests for info about just what the label on this radio says. Here is a photo of the serial number plate.

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