Ultimate BA
My Ultimate BA Station

Over the years I've had quite a lot of different gear set up for BA operation. I have finally pretty much settled on the gear that I expect will carry me forward into my retirement years.

I have set up one position that will contain my three "keeper" BA stations, shown here. Actually, this picture is subject to change shortly as a few changes are being made. The top shelf containing the SX-28, R-388 and SX-110 is being vacated to allow installation of my RBA/RBB and RBC receivers. The SX-110 and SX-28 are being moved to another operating position but the R-388 is, reluctantly, going to be sold as there just isn't any more room for it. A sane person would sell the SX-110 or the SX-28 and keep the R-388, but the SX-110 was my first brand new purchased receiver so I'm keeping it for nostalgia sake and the SX-28 is just plain beautiful.

The bottom shelf is my primary receiver stack. I keep the receivers on this shelf since they are easy to reach for knob twiddling. On the left is a 1930's era HRO Sr. This is an outstanding receiver for CW and AM work and can even be used for SSB although I really don't put it to that use. It has a complete coil set, A thru J to cover 50kc thru 30mc.

The receiver in the middle is an NC-303 complete with converters for 50mc, 144mc and 220mc. This is my primary SSB receiver and typical operation sees it used in conjunction with the Viking Invader 2000 on the upper shelf.

The receiver on the far right is a Collins R-391. This is the autotune version of the original R-390 (non-A). The autotune function is up and running but I only activate it for demonstrations. This receiver is used for my AM and CW reception paired with the Viking Valiant II on the upper shelf. For occasional SSB use, there is a CV-591A located just below the R-391.

On the middle shelf at the left is a Viking Valiant II transmitter along with a Johnson SSB adapter for occasional use of the Valiant on SSB. This is my medium power CW/AM/SSB BA station

To the right of the SSB adapter is the Viking Invader 2000 CW/AM/SSB transmitter. This is used for my hi power BA station (1kw CW, 800w AM and 2000kw/pep SSB).

For low power work, the top shelf contains a Hallicrafters SX-110 receiver along with an Heath AT-1 transmitter. This is used for CW operation only.

Also on the top shelf are an SX-28 and Collins R-388, the SX-28 because I feel it is one of the best looking BA's of all time, and the R-388 because I love the style and performance. The other piece of BA gear I keep and use quite a bit is a GRC-109 military set, not pictured. Actually, it's not a true GRC-109 as I traded my T-784 to someone who really needed it for his collection and instead I use an RT-3, the CIA forerunner to the T-784.

Now that my "ulitmate" station has been established, I will be selling much of my collection that no longer has a place as I don't want it collecting dust and sitting unused. I'd rather pass it on to some other BA enthusiasts to use and enjoy. Check my excess radio list for what is currently available.

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