Bristol Bristol Spline Keys
There has been considerable debate over whether the spline keys used by Collins on its ham, military and commerical equipment are correctly called Bristol or Bristo, since both of these terms are found in various Collins documentation.

My position is that they are correctly called Bristol wrenchs and that the term Bristo was simply a typographic error (dropping the L from Bristol) that somehow got carried over into additional Collins literature. My opinion is based on a set of wrenches I've had at least forty years which are marked Bristol's Spline Key Kit, as shown in the above picture. I feel that this Bristol company had such a market on these spline keys that the term Bristol began to be used generically for a spline key, much as xerox is used as a generic term whenever someone makes a copy of a document nowadays. I have found nothing that would indicate a source of the term Bristo in lieu of Bristol. The similarity has me 99.9% convinced Bristo is simply the continuation of some typo at Collins.

On the other hand, it could be that the Collins folks had a very sharp lawyer who was concerned that Bristol might someday in the future sue Collins over the use of the term Bristol, so the lawyers figured it would be better if Collins just dropped the L! :-)

Here is a possible source for Bristol wrenches. I am not associate with this company, I only offer the link for those who may be looking for further information:
  • Bristol Wrenches at Max-Gain Systems

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