AC Tourer with dickey (2-4-6 Model pictured)
In 1919, AC began use of the Weller designed 6 cylinder engine, which was still in use in the AC Ace and AC Aceca in the 1950's. This was an amazingly advanced engine using an aluminum block. It was dubbed the Light Six as it's total weight was under 350 pounds. Through most of its life up to the 1940's the designation for these engines was 16/hp, such as 16/40 which was a 6 cylinder AC engine of 40 hp. In 1919, the models were powered with the 16/20. 1924 thru 1927 saw the 16/40, with 16/56's and 16/66's available during 1928 through 1930. The hp rating was determined by the tune of the engine, with single thru triple SU carbs fitted as appropriate to the stage of tune. Most AC cars were equipped with derivatives of this engine. The tourer with dickey was a two seater with a dickey (rumble) seat for two additional passengers. The 2-4-6 was a tourer with regular seats for two in front, fold down "hammock-like" seats behind the front seats for two more passengers in the main cabin and a dickey seat at the outside rear for two more, providing a carrying capacity of two, four or six passengers as the mood fit. Hence the 2-4-6 model designation.

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