AC AC MkIV (1982-1994)
The success of the AC Cobra, the limited number of cars built by the factory and the attendant high prices for purchasing one of the original models has generated a large market in "kit" and "replica" versions of the Cobra. At the end of the run for the AC ME3000, AC Cars, under Brian Angliss, undertook to bring out a continuation of the model that was true to the original concept of the Cobra and are indeed genuine AC products, not replicas. This car is known as the AC Cobra MkIV.
The AC Cobra MkIV is, in almost every sense, a continuation of the Cobra line that ended in 1968. It must be stressed that these are not "kit cars" or "replicas" of the Cobra. These are true AC's in their own right, being manufactured by AC Cars Ltd. A "replica" could be thought to be an attempt is to duplicate the car as it existed but not by the original manufacturer. In the case of the AC Cobra MkIV, while the model has had a few changes to bring it to more modern standards, it retains all the fun, excitement and style of the original Cobra, and is made by the same company that provided the chassis and body of the original Cobras. The MkIV's were available with both automatic and standard gearbox, and engines available were the Ford 302, 351 and 427. Fuel delivery was available as either Holley or Electronic Fuel Injection. It's interesting to note that while the run of the original Cobra was 6 years (1962 to 1968), the AC MkIV's life span was 14 years, from 1982 to 1994. The serial number range for the AC MkIV spans from AK 1000 to AKL 15xx, the implication being that there were approximately 500 to 600 manufactured. The current registry of AC MkIV owners lists 197 cars whose whereabouts are known.

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