AC Ace (1953-1962)
There were a total of 732 AC Aces of all engine types built. Engines used were the original six cylinder AC of Wellers design (1991cc), the Bristol six cylinder in various stages of tune (1971cc) and the Ford (UK) six cylinder of 2,553cc was was used beginning in 1961. The ratings of the AC engine varied between 85hp at the introduction of the Ace, to 102hp by 1960. The Bristol was available from 120hp to 128hp (Bristol 100D2 engine). The Ford (UK) 2.6 engine had a wide range of horsepower, from the standard 85hp, thru five stages of tuning by Ruddspeed, which provided from 120 to 170hp. AC Ace chassis numbers that begin with AE were originally equipped with the AC six cylinder. BE models were equipped with the Bristol and RS had the Ford (UK) 2.6. An X indicated the car was an export model. The following identifies the last car built for each model year. 1954/AEX54, 1955/AE109 (renumbered to BE109, the first Bristol engined AC), 1956/BEX242, 1957/BEX394, 1958/BEX1040, 1959/BEX1122, 1960/AEX1195, 1961/BEX1205, 1962/BEX1211, 1963/BE1218, 1964/BEX1187 (chassis out of sequence?).

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