AC Two Litre Saloon (1947-1958) (rare 4 door model pictured)
These are sporting versions (by 1947 standards) of passenger sedans, enclosed 4 passenger cars yet retaining a sporting flair. Records indicate there were between 1129 and 1285 cars of this model depending on whether you count the various drophead coupes, cabriolets and Bucklands, between 1947 and 1958. The prototype was built in 1946. 1947 shows 16 cars built. 1948/202 cars, 1949/275 cars, 1950/267 cars, 1951/278 cars, 1952-1953/204 cars, 1954-1955/35 cars and 1956/7. The cars used the same 1919 designed six cylinder but rated at 85hp in 1951.

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