SX28 & SX28A

Hallicrafters SX-28 (left) and SX-28A (right) w/PM23 Speakers

It is very difficult at first glance to tell from the front panel which is an SX-28 and which is an SX-28A. The differences externally are minimal. Although not absolute proof positive, it's said that the SX-28 has an AC outlet on the back panel while the SX-28A does not. Other visual clues on the front panel are the main tuning and bandspread knobs. These are the "steering wheel" type knobs. Those on an SX-28 will should have actual "spokes" with the inner area bakelite removed, so you can see thru to the front panel. The knobs on the SX-28A, while also having "spokes" are all solid, no empty space between the spokes. Internally, it is quite obvious which model is which, the cover over the tuning cap section in the SX-28 is held on by screws while the cover in the SX-28A is held on by spring clips. Also, the band coils/caps in the SX-28 are all hardwired in place while int the SX-28A they are mounted on individual circuit boards for much easier removal.

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